International Conference on the Vegetarian Diet

helping consumers make wise food choices for life!

Below you will find a list of past Oldways Events. To download a pdf version of the conference brochure or program schedule, please click on the appropriate links below. For further information about past events, please contact Sara Talcott at 617.896.4825 or email


October 26, 2009
World Pasta Day: Scientific and Culinary Conference, New York, NY
Oldways presented updated science of healthy pasta meals, for health professionals and media at this conference (this year it is on the 26th instead of the 25th), as well as a segment on Pasta Memories and a cooking demonstration.
Please click here for more information the 2009 conference in New York City, including presentations and recipes.

October 17-20, 2009
American Dietetic Association-Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo, Denver, CO
Oldways exhibited at the conference to spread the word about The Mediterranean Foods Alliance, The Lation Nutrition Coalition, The Whole Grains Council, and our other educational efforts and programs. Click here to read about it on our blog, The Oldways Table.

October 4, 2009
Effective Solutions for Promoting Healthy Lifestyles, Bangkok, Thailand
A Pre-Congress Symposia at the International Congress of Nutrition (ICN 2009).

In Bangkok, Oldways organized a four-hour Pre-Congress Seminar, “Effective Solutions for Healthy Lifestyles.” With speakers from Thailand, China and the US, the focus of our seminar was the concept of “Management not Banishment” as a key solution for healthy lifestyles. Please click here to learn more about this event, including the major elements of Management Not Banishment approach and healthy and traditional Thai Recipes.

September 17, 2009
Managing Sweetness Conference, Delhi, India

September 16, 2009
AACCI Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD
Cynthia Harriman, Director of Food & Nutrition Strategies for Oldways, spoke on “The Role of Grain-based Foods in the Prevention of Childhood Obesity.”

September 13, 2009
Gluten Free Culinary Summit, Hyde Park, NY
Kara Berrini, Program Manager for the Whole Grains Council, speaks on “Gluten Free Whole Grains.”

Managing Sweetness Conference
June 19, 2009, Pullman Bangkok King Power Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

Make Half Your Grains Whole
April 20-22, 2009, Westin Alexandria, Alexandria, VA


Morocco Culinaria
December 1-10, 2008, Marrakesh and Fes, Morocco

15th Anniversary Mediterranean Diet Conference
November 16-18, 2008, Hyatt Regency Cambridge, Cambridge, MA

Sicily: At the Heart of the Mediterranean Diet
April 21-16, Palermo, Sicily

Managing Sweetness Conferences*

November 28, 2008, Istanbul, Turkey
April 2, 2008, Washington DC*
April 29, 2008 in Beijing, China

*Due to large file sizes, we have not included the scientific or culinary references in the DC Conference PDF. If you would like to have these emailed to you, please contact Sara Talcott at 617-896-4825.


“Just Ask for Whole Grains” Conference
Kansas City, MO, November 2007

The New Fiber Story: Resistant Starch (at the American Diabetes Association Conference)
Philadelphia, PA, September 2007

Managing Sweetness -Latin America
September 13, Santiago, Chile
September 11, São Paulo, Brazil
September 14, Buenos Aires, Argentina
October 22, Mexico City, Mexico

1st National Whole Grains Month
Nationally, September 2007

Merchandising the Mediterranean
57th Annual Fancy Foods Show, New York, NY, June 2007

Taste of Puglia Event for Importers
Puglia, Italy – June 2007

Camino Mágico Media Launch in Houston
Houston, Texas – May 2007

Oldways Table Gala Dinner at Downtown Harvard Club
Boston, Masschusetts – May 2007

Oldways Table Book Signing at Borders
Boston, Massachusetts – March 2007

Setting the Oldways Table Panel Discussion at the Brattle Theater and Reception at Casablanca Restaurant
Cambridge, MA – March, 2007

Istanbul Culinaria: A Gastronomic Crossroads with Ana Sortun
Istanbul, Turkey – March 2007


Puglia, Italy – November 2006
download slides from Antonia Trichopoulou’s presentation, “What Is the Mediterranean Diet?”
download slides from Giancarlo Logroscino’s presentation, “The Mediterranean Diet and the Aging Brain”

Taste the Foods of Lombardy
Miami, Florida – November 2006

World Pasta Day
Rome, Italy – October 2006

Piedmont Culinaria with Ihsan Gurdal
Piedmont, Italy – September 2006

Toscana Culinaria with Jody Adams
Tuscany, Italy – July 2006

American Debut of Three Ages of Grana Padano and Franciacorta Wine
Orlando, FL and New York, NY – July 2006

La Cucina Campana
New York, NY – July 2006

Managing Sweetness 2006
Brussels – June 2006

Coffee & Health
New York, NY – March 2006

Getting Whole Grains to 3
Orlando, FL – January 2006
To view conference materials, including the press release, speaker presentations, and conference binder materials, please visit Whole Grains Council web site


Seafood & Health
Washington, DC – December 2005

Sicilia Culinaria
Sicily, Italy – November, 2005

Making Fiber Irresistible: Resistant Starch is Natural
Chicago, IL – September 2005

Latin American Diet Summit
Mexico City – April, 2005

Fishing for Answers in Murky Water
Boston, MA – March, 2005


Whole Grains Go Mainstream
New Orleans, LA – November, 2004

Carbohydrates and Healthy Childhood Nutrition
San Francisco, CA – October, 2004

Managing Sweetness
Mexico City – October, 2004

Weekend in Westport
September, 2004

Under The Tuscan Sky
Tuscany, Italy – June, 2004

Reviving Heritage Foods and Wines – at CheeseART 2004
Sicily, Italy – June, 2004

Healthy Pasta Meals
Rome, Italy – February, 2004

2003 – 2001

10th Anniversary Mediterranean Diet Pyramid Conference
Boston, MA – Janunary, 2003

The Real French Paradox
Bordeaux, France – May 2002

Legendary Salerno
Salerno, Italy – April 2002

Cultural Tradition and the Ligurean Mediterranean Diet
Liguria, Italy – May 2001

Consumer Choices & Whole Grains Summit
San Diego, CA – 2002

Water Farming Initiative: Water Farming, World’s Future
Baltimore, MD – 2002

PhytoVenture Project: PAX Mechanisms in Health promotion & Disease Prevention
Cambridge, MA – 2001

2001 China International Conference on Traditional Eating Patterns
Beijing, June 2001

Cultural Traditions & the Ligurian Mediterranean Diet
Liguria, Italy – 2001

The Antioxidant Initiative:Phytonutrients Complete the Good Health Puzzle
Lake Tahoe, CA – 2001

2000 – 1996

International Conference on the Mediterranean Diet
London – 2000

Dietary fats and Cardiovascular Health
Reston, VA – 2000

Traditions, Taste and Tables of Emilia Romagna
Modena, May 2000

Plowing New Ground: Genetically Modified Foods – Should You Be Concerned?
Cambridge, MA – 2000

The Heart of Puglia
Bari and Fasano, Italy, April & May 1999

The Magic of the North Aegean
Lesbos and Chios, October 1999

Liguria’s Land, Sea and Mediterranean Diet
San Remo, Rapallo and Genoa, 1998

International Conference on the Mediterranean Diet
Cambridge, MA – 1998

Crete, Greece, and Healthy Mediterranean Diets
Crete, 1997

International Conference on the Vegetarian Diet
Austin, TX – 1998

The Bread Project
New York – 1996; San Francisco, Austin & Chicago – 1997

Barcelona Congress on the Mediterranean Diet
Barcelona, 1996

Sustainable Cuisine – What Does it Mean? Special Dinner, United Nations
New York, 1996

Harried Lifestyles, Healthy Eating
New York, 1996

Wine’s Place at a Healthy Table
New York, 1996; San Francisco – 1994

International Conference on the Latin American Diet
El Paso, 1996

1995 – 1991

Celebrating Puglia’s Healthy, Traditional Mediterranean Cuisines
Lecce, Italy – 1995

International Conference on the Asian Diet
San Francisco – 1995

Avocados, Diet, and Health: Scientific and Culinary Perspectives
Cambridge – 1995

Nuts, Legumes and Health – Perspectives from from Asia and the Pacific
San Francisco – 1995

International Congress on Turkish Foods, Wines and Culture
New York – 1995

International Conference on Cancer, Obesity and Diabetes
Cambridge, MA – 1995

International Congress on Italian Gastronomy
Rome and Florence, 1994

International Conference on the Mediterranean Diet
San Francisco, 1994

Tree Nuts, Health and the Mediterranean Diet
San Francisco, 1994

Raisins, dried Fruit and the Mediterranean Diet
San Francisco, 1994

Morocco: Culinary Riches, Elegant Flavors
Casablanca, Fez, and Marrakech, 1994

Food Choices 2000: Sustainable for the Next Century
Hawaii – 1993

Cultural, Historical and Health Perspectives on Turkey’s Foods and Wines
Istanbul, 1993

Tunisia! The Splendors and Traditions of Its Cuisines and Culture
Jerba, Sfax and Tunis, 1993

International Conference on the Mediterranean Diet
Cambridge, MA – 1993

Chef’s Collaborative 2000 Founding Annual Retreat
Hawaii – 1993

Food, Culture and Discovery: Columbus to the 21st Century
Barcelona, Seville and Madrid, 1992

Wine and Diverging Models of Healthy Eating: The French Paradox
New York – 1992

Cultural Models for Healthy Eating: The French Paradox
New York – 1992

American Cooking in the Global Village: A Chef’s Roundtable
New York – 1991 & 1992

America Cooks – Mediterranean Style!
One Hour Video – 1991

The Foods and Wines of Greece
Porto Carras, Greece, 1991

Florida as Crossroads: Olive Oil and the Cuisines of the New World
Miami & Palm Beach, FL – 1991


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